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You were born a genius, Human Design is an invitation to examine your unique energy blueprint and become aware of your higher purpose so you can begin living life to your fullest potential.

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Awaken Your Encoded Intuition

Take a meaningful journey into the Human Design system without being overwhelmed by jargon or complexity. Our bespoke beginners’ package is designed to unravel the layers of your unique Human Design, ensuring it’s straightforward and accessible for both beginners and novices.

Consider this Human Design Reading as a comprehensive, done-for-you package focusing solely on your personal birth chart. This collection of insights is equivalent to multiple professional sessions, designed to guide you into the world of Human Design with ease and confidence.

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Human Design is for everybody! Get ready to take a look at something new, something different and something that will massively impact the meaning of your life in short space of time!

Human Design Reading

Simplify Human Design: We turn confusion into clarity, our products are designed to navigate you through the Human Design system with simplicity and assurance, laying the foundation for a profound journey of self-awareness.

Human Design Family Readings

Empowered Parenting: We are  committed to helping parents and caregivers to understand their child’s unique energy blueprint so they can view them through a different perspective, a lens of compassion so they can nurture their child’s authentic nature.

Break free from dysfunctional behavioural patterns and step into a new, empowered version of yourself. Our personalised books offer a roadmap to this transformation, providing clarity and actionable insights that are tailored specifically to you and your loved ones.

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This is the Ultimate Valued Packed Bundle Kit to get you started in becoming the Expert of You!

You have the power to change the story of your life. Every single one of us is born with a unique energetic blueprint, encoded with the potential to be magnificent and change the world. It is your birthright to explore the truth of who you really are and write a new story that is aligned with your highest purpose using Human Design.

Digital Human Design Reading

The Benefits of a Personalised Human Design Reading

Discover the transformative power of Human Design without the complexity or high price tags! Unraveling the secrets of this notoriously intricate modality has never been easier. Our revolutionary digital bundle package provides you with an professional, user-friendly experience, ensuring that you effortlessly access a in-depth understanding of your unique Human Design that you can keep referring back to over and over again.

Features of our Personalised Books

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Crafted by a certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Family Wellbeing Coach committed to share the wisdom of Human Design accessible to all. Our goal is to empower every individual with the profound insights of Human Design, presented in a simple and affordable format.

Our material has been checked and approved by a team of globally acclaimed Human Design experts. Our graphic designers have skillfully transformed complex concepts into visually engaging illustrations, aiding you in comprehending the intricate details of your Human Design.

Journal or a workbook

Your Human Design bundle includes a tailored workbook filled with thought-provoking journal prompts that are specifically aligned with your unique design helping you with the process of deconditioning and realigning yourself. As a special bonus, we’ve included printable resources that you can share with your loved ones or keep as daily reminders.

Are You Curious to Learn about Who You Really Are? Embark on Your Cosmic Journey with our Human Design Starter Pack Bundle

Why you will love our Human Design Personalised Reading Books

Our Human Design Professional Reading Books offer a comprehensive and tailored solution. Ideal for newcomers and enthusiastic novices in the world of Human Design, this resource serves as a structured and trustworthy information hub. It’s designed to guide you through taking those first, curious steps in experimenting with the power and wisdom of this system.

With a single purchase, you gain access to a wealth of resources. Your Personalised Reading Book is not only a must have in your personal development toolkit but also a source of wisdom you can always refer to. Packed with Reference Guides, and an In-Built Coaching Workbook, and journal activities, it provides you with the tools you need to start your self discovery journey confidently in your own time.

The Human Design Professional Reading Book offers a comprehensive and tailored solution. Ideal for newcomers and enthusiastic novices in the world of Human Design, this resource serves as a structured and trustworthy information hub. It’s designed to guide you through taking those first, curious steps in experimenting with the power of this system.

Embrace the expertise of Samantha Selby, a certified level 4 Quantum Human Design™️ specialist. Samantha has curated a robust starter bundle, accompanied by an array of valuable resources and features. This comprehensive package is thoughtfully crafted in a language that speaks practicality to newcomers and those who already learning, ensuring you can confidently explore and unravel the layers of your unique Human Design.

Understanding your Human Design often sparks a curiosity, and it’s no wonder—learning about our individual blueprints ignites a quest for self knowledge. As you delve into your own design, it’s only natural to wonder about your loved ones and children. This curiosity often becomes a rabbit hole you will love exploring. Unveiling the designs of those dear to you means choosing to foster acceptance and celebration of their uniqueness. This newfound harmony can bring profound insights, shift levels of consciousness and create ripples through family dynamics, deepening connections and nurturing relationships.

Navigating the world of Human Design can be overwhelming due to the many different interpretations found online. Whether you’re stepping into this realm for the first time or have some familiarity, you’re likely encountering various perspectives on this intricate system. We have created a solution that demystifies Human Design so you can bypass the overwhelm and complexity typically associated with Human Design readings.

Human Design represents the fusion of ancient spiritual wisdom and contemporary quantum theory. This unique blend provides a roadmap for living in alignment with your individual blueprint. To embark on this transformative journey, the ideal starting point is your OWN design. This is precisely what our Personalised Reading Book offers—a clear, focused exploration of your unique design. By eliminating the noise of the other chart elements, we ensure that newcomers to the material can dive in with confidence.

This illustrated and personalised discovery manual delves into your Type, Strategy, Authority, Undefined and Defined Centres, Lines, and Profile. Every section of the chart begins with an overview and sheds light on the Unbalanced and Aligned themes (Not Self & Signature themes). As you navigate through life’s experiences, you’ll likely find yourself returning to your report for guidance, whether you’re seeking a refresher or addressing triggered emotions within yourself and others.

Here's why knowing your Human Design will change your life...


Biohack You

Human Design is an open invitation to every individual on this planet, including you, read more...


Self Care Resource

Knowing your Human Design gives you opportunity to reframe a story that keeps you stuck in old dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. read more...


Enhance Relationships

Human Design can transform your relationships, starting with the most crucial one: the relationship you have with with YOURSELF. read more...


Re-design Your Story

To fully embrace our true creative capacity, we have to understand who we are and what we are here to contribute to the world. read more...

Here's What You Get in Your Starter Bundle


#1 Human Design Beginner's e-Book

Explains WHAT Human Design is, WHY it exists, and HOW it is designed to help every person on the planet. This beautifully crafted e-book explains the origins of Human Design and the science that validates this spiritual modality. Discover how this potent tool can help you decode yourself, adding value and significance to your life and relationships.

Human Design Reading

#2 Your Personalised Book

This full colour comprehensive personalised book gives you a Level 3 interpretation of your unique Human Design – with over 130+ pages your book covers the: Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, 9 Centres, Profile Lines, Unbalanced & Alignment themes. It comes complete with your full colour Body Graph. There are over 130+ pages of information so you can be sure you will get a deep foundational understanding of your Human Design.

VALUE $1497
Human Design Reading

#3 Bonus Human Design Reference Guide

These summarised cheat sheets contain a summary of your energy type including a detailed support guide to give to your loved ones/ friends / family to help them best support your Human Design and become aware of any negative conditioning they may be projecting onto you. These handy summary guides are game changers!

Human Design Experiment

#4 Bonus Workbook Material

This Workbook has been specifically tailored to help you unpack the area’s of your design. It is UNIQUE to you! Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to yourself through the journaling materials and activities. A perfect compliment in learning how to take actionable steps in aligning to your true nature.


What People are Saying About their Human Design Reading Book

Human Design Reading
“Every single experience with Samantha has been absolutely incredible. So many powerful insights into my human design and how it clearly describes my true essence.
I really wish my parents had Human Design when I was a child, so I would have been raised in a way that completely aligned with my being to maximise my fullest potential.
I truly believe that every single man and women, mother, father, child, and company not only invest in their Human Design, that they utilise Samantha‘s workbook, so they can deepen their understanding and comprehension of how amazing they are, and so they maximise their potential and manifest their highest destiny.
I highly endorse Samantha and her Vision, one of Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Purpose and Passion”.
Jamie Close
Founder of One Tribe
“I absolutely love the books Sam has created. Super professional and so affordable.
This is such a powerful tool for parents to have. As I read my granddaughters report I could see what she needs to thrive in this life time
I wish I’d of had this when my children were younger it would of made such a difference.
Thank you Sam. I will certainly be recommending and sharing with others imagine a world full of people living true to their design ….. wow what a world it will be ❤️”
Tracy Hamilton
“I received a personalised Human Design book from Samantha and was totally blown away by the incredible accuracy and personal insights that I received. Sam literally described and outlined my exact life path, I was speechless after reading it! Every word resonated so deeply for me and it gave me amazing confirmation that I am on the right track.
This in depth reading highlighted my superpowers and gave me deeper levels of awareness around my key strengths and layers of conditioning. Human Design can really empower us to live in alignment with our higher purpose. I highly recommend Sam and the HD system if you are looking to gain deeper insights and awareness into your personal life path, she is incredible!
Brad Cusworth
Cryptocurrency Trader and Self Sabotage Coach

Meet The Creator Of The Human Design Reading Books

Meet Your Human Design Guide

Samantha Selby is a distinguished Level 4 Certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, celebrated for her innovative approach to self-discovery and personal development. As the pioneering founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd and the creative force behind My Supernatural Design, dedicating her career to demystifying the world of Human Design and empowering individuals to become experts in themselves. Samantha, a mother and family wellbeing coach, is on a mission to share the gift of transformative wisdom upon parents, equipping them with the knowledge to understand and value their children’s distinct personalities. 

Her passion and expertise lie in helping parents see their children through the illuminating lens of Human Design, fostering a profound understanding and appreciation of their unique nature. Samantha is driven to help parents nurture resilient children with a good sense of self-worth by guiding parents to reprogram unhelpful conditioning and traditional parenting methods. She paves the way for a modern and harmonious co-parenting experience.


Samantha’s personalised Human Design reading books have brought profound clarity and transformation to clients and parents globally. Her approach to the Human Design system is tailored specifically for newcomers, simplifying its complexities through beautifully crafted, high-quality books that are presented in a language that is practical, and easy to understand – making Human Design both affordable and accessible. With Samantha’s guidance, individuals and parents can confidently navigate the depths of Human Design, applying its principles to enrich their daily lives and create healthy family relationships.

My Supernatural Design
Sydney | Australia

While Human Design offers transformative insights, its complexity can be daunting.

That's why our personalised reading book are designed to make this powerful tool accessible and easy to understand.

We blend the cutting-edge technology of the Human Design System with principles of conscious parenting to address family challenges. Our tailor-made blueprint books offer a Level 3 professional interpretation of your Human Design, serving as a instruction manual that reveals the true essence of you and your loved ones.

These beautifully crafted books are designed to help families deepen connections, enhance emotional wellbeing, and cultivate balance and harmony in both your home and relationships.

A Human Design chart is formulated using birth information and is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese iChing, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, Quantum Physics and Biogenetics. Human Design is the marriage of Modern Science and Spirituality. 


Our most Frequently asked Questions

This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated material, spanning over 130+ pages, is akin to receiving a professional level 1, 2, and 3 reading, all neatly condensed into a personalised book. This chart interpretation comes accompanied with a colored Body Graph. Within this book, you will find explanations for various aspects of your Human Design, detailing your individual characteristics and the themes that shape each area. Moreover, it offers valuable insights based on the mechanics of your chart, revealing how you are inherently designed to function. This inclusive report delves deep into key components, including Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Centres, Lines, and Profile. If you’re new to the realm of Human Design, accessing your personalised Reading serves as an excellent starting point. It equips you with the essential vocabulary necessary to comprehend the intricacies of your chart, providing foundational knowledge for your further exploration and growth.

If you’re uncertain about having the exact birth time, there are a few avenues you can explore. Reach out to the hospital where you were born or get in touch with the department of vital statistics in the city or state of your birth. Ideally, when you create your chart you should have a birth time within a -/+ 2 hour window to ensure accuracy, although it’s advisable to aim for as precise a time as possible. A narrower time frame contributes to a more precise astrological reading, as wider time windows can encompass significant planetary shifts. If you’re unsure, you might inquire with your parents or other family members about whether your birth occurred in the morning or evening. In cases where the birth time remains elusive, consider consulting an experienced Vedic Astrologer who could potentially offer insights.

It’s very rare this happens, however, if you are absolutely certain, you have given the right birth details and your report does not resonate it is a possibility you have been highly conditioned throughout your life. We ask that you approach your design with an open mind and heart. We have to be 100% honest with ourselves before we can begin to deconstruct and re-pattern limiting beliefs, we have programmed in. The objective of Human Design is to awaken ourselves within so we can accept who we are, once we can learn to love ourselves, we start to appreciate every one of us has our own unique design. It opens the doors to awareness and from there the opportunities are limitless. 

Human Design refrains from labeling individuals as inherently good or bad. It functions as a tool, a bit like a map, that grants insights into our energetic configuration and offers a formula for realignment. The choice rests with each of us: to manifest our design’s highest expression, characterised by aligned themes, or to engage in its shadow aspect, embodying unbalanced themes. Often, this intricate interplay goes unnoticed, and this is where Human Design intervenes. As humans, our existence is a journey through a spectrum of emotions; it’s a process of learning and evolution driven by life’s diverse experiences. We’re not meant to remain stuck in repetitive cycles. The exploration of Human Design empowers us to recognise our innate traits, aiding us in making conscious choices that align with our design’s optimal manifestation.

It’s fantastic that you’ve already delved into your chart. Human Design holds various interpretations, each influenced by the teacher’s perspective and focus. Our Human Design Personalised Reading Books cater to both beginners newly introduced to the system and those well-acquainted with it, seeking a more comprehensive grasp through the included workbook material. If you’re already well-versed in your design, this specific product might not be your ideal fit. However, if you’re considering gifting someone their Personalised Reading Book, it’s a wonderful means for them to uncover their unique design. As you continue to follow our journey, keep an eye out for our upcoming product releases, which will delve even deeper into your design. Stay tuned for these exciting developments!

You, yes you! If you’re ready to uncover your authentic self on a profound level, this Personalised Professional Reading Book is your ideal gateway to learn what makes you different to everyone else around you, delving into the reasons behind your actions, understanding your driving forces, and how your energy resonates with those around you – even aspects you might not have been aware of. This personalised book serves as a wake-up call to your own essence, offering you the opportunity to craft a life narrative that harmonises with your genuine nature. Say goodbye to merely drifting along in others’ stories or repeating dysfunctional patterns; instead, embrace the chance to reveal your true self and live authentically, with no masks and no compromises.

That’s okay! Human Design is not a modality that seeks approval; it’s a science that calls for personal exploration and experimentation before arriving at conclusions about its esoteric aspects. It’s wise to feel a resonance with Human Design before diving into its depths. Many individuals find themselves drawn to it for a reason – that’s likely the path you’ll connect with it too. Before making a decision, we recommend grabbing a copy of the FREE Beginners e-book. It’s a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with the modern science that forms the foundation of this system. This knowledge will provide you with a strong foothold as you step into the world of Human Design.

No, Human Design is not a religion or a cult, or a dogmatic belief system. It doesn’t confine you within labels or judgments, nor does it classify you as good or bad. In fact, it transcends comparison since each design is a unique masterpiece – incomparable and unparalleled in its individuality. Your Human Design is exclusively yours, a singular expression that will never be replicated throughout the history of the cosmos. This paradigm is an intricate fusion of modern science and ancient spirituality. It serves as a tangible map to comprehend the essence of your existence and is gaining prominence in the holistic realm as a tool that elevates human consciousness. It empowers all of us to be our own leaders on this journey. It’s important to clarify that Human Design isn’t synonymous with numerology or a self-assessment tool. Rather, it crafts your quantum blueprint using your birth data, blending Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese iChing, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, and Quantum Physics. It stands as a unique, intelligent system that defies comparison with anything else.

Absolutely, Human Design is applicable to all of us, without exception! Every individual possesses a unique design, children included. Applying this system’s insights to parenting and caring for children can revolutionise the way we approach it. Samantha is thrilled to introduce this dimension of her work, unveiling a child book tailored for parents. These books are now available for purchase. You can now access a profound parenting resource. Understanding the designs of your entire family introduces a fresh perspective of comprehension, reverence, and mutual respect, fostering a sense of harmony and equilibrium within your household. Undoubtedly, it’s a transformational shift, and this area stands as Samantha’s personal favorite within her scope of work.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, as you’re about to unveil a brand-new realm of understanding. Imagine delving into the depths of your being on a quantum level – how exciting is that? The world is rapidly changing, wellness and self-development are the biggest and hottest industries right now. Self-knowledge is absolute KEY to any healing or transformational work. If you are not getting onboard this discovery train you may get left behind. Gone are the days we let life happen to us. There is little to no trust left in the leaders and authority we once trusted. It’s time to learn about who we really are and WHY we are here so we can step up and take back control of our own authority and be sovereign. When we know who we are – we trust ourselves, we make better life decisions, and we show up for ourselves, our children, our communities and the collective.

We don’t know what spirituality looks like to you but here’s our definition of being “spiritual”: Becoming interested in your spiritual life simply means living a truthful and living authentically. It means examining every area of your life with truth and integrity, forgiving yourself for any wrongdoings, and also finding the courage to forgive others. Deciding to take the spiritual road is hard work… its ego-based work and it’s difficult because it questions every belief you hold about yourself and others. Deciding to do this work forces you to look at others through a different lens… a lens of compassion. That’s very hard when we have been hurt and we are in pain from those who have hurt us. Being attuned to your spiritual journey means taking basically means taking one big hard look at yourself in a mirror and then crafting a renewed version of your true self, devoid of the wounds and narratives that keep you trapped in cycles of dysfunctional behavior such as fighting yourself (self-sabotage), resisting others, and basically being a victim of your own bull shit. You did not come here to suffer – you came here to learn some lessons, yes it’s a struggle but you are stronger than you think. It is the most important and rewarding journey you can decide to go on. Most accomplished entrepreneurs you see today are on the spiritual journey. The word “Spiritual” might seem religious – but it’s not based on religion or fear-based dogma – it’s based-on love for thyself – to be enlightened simply means to love yourself, it’s very liberating work. Feel free to name this endeavor however you prefer; there are no established rules for this inner exploration. Once you get into alignment, you set yourself free from your own mental prison. It’s living free and forces you to create a life you desire and deserve. Starting with self-examination of who you are, learning about your gifts, talents, and true nature is the PERFECT place to start! More importantly, your about to master the most significant relationship in your life – the one with yourself!

In contrast to the cost of a one-on-one Human Design reading with a trained professional, our personalised books are offered at an exceptionally competitive price point. These products have been designed for easy comprehension, featuring icons, graphics and thoughtful layout, making it a visually appealing and invaluable resource that you’ll return to time and again. The books are priced in USD to ensure a consistent currency across its global availability.

Samantha’s deep commitment to making Human Design accessible and affordable is evident in this professionally crafted, high value product, as attested by our satisfied customers. Investing in this personalised bundle is an smart way to embark on your Human Design journey, it serves as a comprehensive resource; with each revisit, you’ll gain new insights. It’s a dynamic, living document, and works with your evolving awareness. The included journal sections are so helpful for your self-development journey. You can print them out, work through them repeatedly, and find that your responses evolve as you align with your true nature. We’ve extensively tested our price point and received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the value and depth of content that continues to unfold with each reading, just take a look at our Google reviews. This value packed bundle is a unique investment in self-development and personal growth. It’s exclusively yours, tailored to your individuality, and designed to be your lifelong companion. This distinctive offering is unavailable anywhere else, making it an unparalleled addition to your journey of self-discovery.

Our Personalised Human Design Reading Books have been designed to cater to both newcomers to the Human Design system and individuals who are acquainted with it but haven’t yet had the opportunity for a professional chart reading. The content within the report is substantial and impactful, encompassing a wealth of information. Given that Human Design is a complex framework, it necessitates a gradual and systematic breakdown to ensure its comprehension, especially for those who are new to the concept. Samantha’s dedication lies in simplifying and enhancing user-friendliness. While the channels, circuitry, gates, planets, and other chart components offer a deeper layer of insight, these aspects might prove overwhelming and unnecessary for newcomers. For Samantha and a considerable portion of the Human Design community, focusing on understanding and embodying one’s Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority are the three golden keys and very basics to embodying one’s design. These core elements are included within the bundle, along with insights into Centres, Lines, Profile, and much more. The bundle is thoughtfully curated to be brimming with information and supplemented by an invaluable bonus—a personalised Workbook designed for your exploration. As the new year approaches, anticipate the launch of additional products and services that will delve even deeper into the intricate layers of the Human Design chart. Stay tuned for further enriching offerings to enrich your journey.

There are many conversations in the Human Design community with discussions on this particular topic, reflecting the diverse array of modalities and interpretations within the Human Design system. This diversity certainly adds more interest! From Samantha’s vantage point as a practitioner, the resounding perspective is that there exists no definitive “right” or “wrong” Human Design chart. Rather, the pivotal query centers on which chart aligns most harmoniously with your intuition and resonance. The choice between Sidereal HD and Tropical HD hinges on what resonates with your inner compass. If you find yourself drawn to a Personalised Reading Book rooted in your cosmic chart, then by all means, embrace that choice. The fundamental truth underlying these considerations is that we inherently embody all aspects of the chart. The truth is, we actually all have all of the chart. Human Design does not define who we are and what our potential is, it cannot, for we are limitless – it gives us a container to work within, it is a map that explains our human story (it’s a story telling tool if you like). After we have de-conditioned, aligned and mastered the areas we need to balance we are completely beyond the confines of any definition. It’s a transformation that propels us beyond the confines of limitations. For those new to the system, Samantha advises commencing with Tropical Human Design as a starting point and subsequently navigating the journey from that vantage. Delving into the intricacies of Human Design is akin to descending into an intricate rabbit hole of exploration—one that promises profound revelations and growth.

Human Design serves as a powerful tool capable of enhancing our relationships. If challenges are surfacing within your relationships or friendships, Human Design offers a lens to comprehend your innate nature, intrinsic character traits, and unique design, which may be exerting an influence on the issues you’re confronting. The first step is about being completely honest with yourself, taking responsibility and being accountable for the part you play in the relationship dynamic. Samantha strongly suggests focusing on comprehending your own design before delving into the designs of others—unless, of course, there’s a collaborative effort to enhance the relationship. Undoubtedly, this tool holds transformative potential, especially if you’re committed to reshaping the narrative that might be impeding your relationships or friendships. Keep an eye out for forthcoming services and programs that will soon be offered. Meanwhile, the journal questions and tools embedded within your personalised reading report can be tremendously beneficial. By engaging with these resources, you can unveil layers of understanding within yourself, and you might even discover that addressing conflicts becomes attainable through a few sincere and heartfelt conversations.

Samantha comes from an IT Project Management background with a focus on streamlining complex systems. A key motivation behind her creation of this product was the challenge she observed among her clients who were new to Human Design. They struggled to grasp the fundamental concept and formulate questions about their charts during coaching sessions. This posed a source of frustration for Sam. Not only was she tasked with explaining the intricacies of Human Design, but she also found herself navigating where to initiate the analysis of their charts based on their personal narratives. She aimed to apply Human Design to coaching sessions in a manner that brought value. While she witnessed her clients resonating with the material, she was also acutely aware that the teaching proved perplexing and overwhelming for them, especially during challenging life phases.

Samantha’s initial attempt to address this involved providing clients with links to YouTube videos and recommended reading materials. However, feedback indicated that many lacked the time or mental bandwidth to engage with these resources. This predicament sparked the genesis of the automated Professional Reading Book concept and became a driving obsession for Sam’s creative endeavors. Since early 2021 Sam has worked in close collaboration with a team of experts, including software developers, graphic designers, integration specialists, website designers, digital marketers, copy editors, and proofreaders. This concerted effort was instrumental in engineering and creating high-quality professional products in a user-friendly manner. It has been a labour of love for Samantha, marked by substantial investments of time, energy, and resources. Drawing from her own experiences, she is deeply aware of the profound potential of Human Design. She has successfully used it to mend her own family dynamics following a challenging separation and firmly believes in its ability to positively impact the wellbeing of every individual, particularly children. Samantha also recognises the financial implications of seeking Human Design reading sessions. Deciphering the complexities of a chart requires more than just a single session; ideally, multiple sessions are needed to ensure a comprehensive understanding. Even for certified readers, marketing their services can be challenging in today’s landscape. The ongoing global financial crisis has left households grappling with rising interest rates, increased fuel costs, and higher food prices. Regrettably, wellbeing products and services often take a backseat when families prioritise essential needs like housing and sustenance. As a co-parent herself, Samantha is committed to making Human Design an accessible and affordable tool. She strongly believes that if every household could access their personalised books, it could trigger a significant shift for humanity at large.

If you’ve provided incorrect Time/Date of Birth, don’t worry, please reach out to our friendly team at Use the subject line “WRONG BIRTH DETAILS” and attach a copy of the report along with the digital receipt number. Please provide the correct details, and we will work on manually correcting this for you. Kindly understand that it might take some time to rectify your file manually, and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

The Human Design Personalised Reading Book is a non-refundable product. The digital book is customised to your unique design. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, we cannot process refunds. In case of accidental duplicate orders, kindly contact Sam’s team at for assistance and please provide your order numbers.

Transform your digital Human Design Digital Reading into a stunning physical book, elegantly bound and delivered right to your doorstep. To initiate the process, simply fill out the form provided through this link, and we’ll send you an invoice for $59 to cover the print and shipping worldwide. The file preparation, printing and shipping process takes approximately 7 to 10 business days. 

Human Design will change your life... Unlock the Secrets of Your Unique Human Design

Are You Ready to Live Life Bare-Faced as Yourself?

If you don’t know who you are – how can you create the life you desire and deserve? If you want to re-design a life that is authentic and in alignment with who you are – Human Design is the perfect tool and permission slip for that.

What is Human Design?

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